Griffins – Auckland

Boundary Readjustment

The Griffins Food Company in Papakura has been undergoing a variety of expansion projects recently which RPC has been assisting with.
The first project was a Land Swap (Boundary Readjustment) between Griffins and the neighbours Wilco Precast. For this RPC drafted a plan showing an aerial view with the new and existing boundaries. With this both parties could clearly understand what was happening and advise on any changes that they wanted.
The second project that RPC was involved with was an extension to one of the food processing plants.RPC assisted by;• Surveying the topography of the building area for the designing Engineer. This included the existing drainage and building features.• Marking out gridlines and floor levels for the builders.• Responding quickly to re-mark gridlines after the profile boards were destroyed.• As Built surveys to certify that it had all been built in accordance with the plans.
The third project was a 7HA topographical survey of the property and abutting streams. This data was provided for the consulting engineers so they could do a flood assessment and design new bunds.

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