Frequently Asked Questions

What is LINZ?

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is the government department responsible for holding the records of land ownership.To find out more visit

How long does a subdivision take?

There is no standard answer, a simple subdivision can be carried out in 4-6 months, a large or complicated subdivision may take years.

What is a CT?

A Certificate of Title (CT) is the record of legal interests in a piece of land.  It will show the legal description of the land, who owns the land and any other interests or encumbrances on the land such as easements or mortgages.  Some interests are beneficial (i.e. additional rights which increase the value of ownership), other interests are encumbrances (restrictive) as they provide rights to other parties or restrict the use of the land in some way.

How much does a subdivision cost?

Once again there is no standard answer. There are application fees to be paid to the local Council and LINZ plus Councils will also require Development Contributions. Our own professional fees depend on the nature of the proposed subdivision and what historical survey work has been carried out in the area of the site. Talk to us for a no obligation estimate of fees associated with your proposal.

What is a DP?

A Deposited Plan (DP) is a survey plan of a subdivision.  Most parcels of land in New Zealand are described as a particular ‘Lot’ number on a DP e.g. Lot 1 DP345678.  This description is the ‘appellation’ or ‘legal description’. 

Is a surveyor necessary for my project?

A Registered Surveyor is the only person who can submit the final plans to LINZ.  RPC believe that by involving a surveyor early in the planning of your subdivision you will achieve significantly better outcomes as we are familiar with all facets of land development and the pitfalls and the shortcuts and can drive your proposal through the development process.

Useful links to Government, Local Councils and Survey Organisations

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