Topographic Surveys

Our topographic surveys include:

  • Terrain and contours
  • Road and paved areas
  • Tree and vegetation, including driplines
  • Building footprint, levels, fence and existing utilities
  • Building eaves and ridges
  • Legal boundaries
  • Services

Building Setout and Certification

Building setout Services Include:

  • Construction (dwelling) Setout
  • Building location certification 

Boundary & Land Development

Boundary & Land Development Services Include:

  • Subdivision Development
  • Unit titles
  • Land Development and Transfer
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Town Planning
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Cross-lease updates

Civil Surveying

Civil Surveying Services Include:

  • Site preparation for Greenfields construction projects or subdivisions
  • Earth work management
  • Accurate, timely and systematic management of monthly quantities
  • Resource and utility surveying
  • Initial design capture
  • Feasibility research and studies

Construction Surveys

Construction Surveys Include:

  • Check design and for-construction drawings
  • Piling setout, vertical or raked
  • Building and foundation setout
  • Gridline and RL setout
  • Penetration or any feature setout
  • Height in relation to boundary (HIRB) certification
  • Asbuilt and topographic surveys
  • Setout surveys

High-Rise Buildings

  • High-Rise Building surveys include:
  • Verticality management
  • Quick turnaround on floor and core asbuilts
  • Improved safety through precision monitoring of structure movement
  • Fa├žade positioning
  • We work with concrete sub-contractors and many other suppliers

Monitoring Services

Monitoring Services Include:

  • Precise measurement of vertical and lateral movement, shortening and settlement of buildings
  • High-rise monitoring
  • Large scale aerial (UAV/drone) surveys


Earthworks and Land Developement

  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Earthworks volumes and cut to fill design
  • Access driveways and parking
  • Large commercial carparks
  • Commercial and Industrial yards
  • Construction supervision and compliance

Drone Surveys

Use drone Surveys to:

  • Capture vast amounts of data over large areas in a short period of time. Whether your project is a few hectares ore hundreds of square kilometres, our variety of survey grade drones are the tool for the job.
  • Capture surfaces and provide volume calculations.
  • Safely track the progress of your project.
  • Visual inspections.
  • Capture accurate data at hard to reach locations.

Some benefits of Aerial Surveys include:

  • A cost-effective option to collect survey data
  • No interference with site operations

Other services we can offer;


  • Catchment analysis
  • Design of reticulation systems
  • Arrange soakage tests and CCTV surveys
  • Stormwater treatment attenuation, detention ponds, and structures of all types
  • Design of stormwater re-use systems
  • Flood plain analysis
  • Rain gardens

Waste Water

  • Catchment analysis
  • Design of reticulation systems
  • Design of sewage pumping stations and rising mains
  • Wastewater discharge consent applications
  • Operation, maintenance plans and manuals
  • Wastewater assessment reports
  • Manufacturing process wastewater treatment, recycling, disposal systems and reticulation

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