Carpark – Takanini Gurdwara Sri Kalgidhar Sahib (Temple)

3D Drone survey

RPC were engaged by Higgins Group to assist with the construction of a 450m long carpark around the outside of a Temple and sports field.

RPC’s roles in this were:

  • The initial mark out of bunds, fences and level datum’s for the large scale earthworks.
  • Setting out the new kerb line with offsets and detailing the amount of cut/fill required at each point.
  • Marking out the position of new drainage and stormwater management devices for the drain layers.
  • Liaising with the contractors and engineers.
  • Monitoring the construction to ensure that it is done to the correct standard.
  • As -Built surveys of the new drainage and kerb line to certify it is all in general accordance with the design.

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