Flight Path Survey

3D Drone survey

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

That’s what we discovered with our recent survey for Ardmore Airport.
Please see to the right a “screenshot of the 3D Drone survey data”.
RPC was tasked with surveying all the trees and obstacles on the runway approach and departure from the airfield. This is a regulated requirement and the work has to be completed every 5 years to make sure the CAA requirements continue to be met.
RPC completed this work using it’s Phantom 4 RTK drone. The drone is setup to fly a set grid at approximately 150 feet altitude capturing detail at a sufficient density of points to determine the identity of all obstacles.
Initially we had to operate around arriving and departing aircraft but once the Airport opted to close the airspace, we were able to complete all the work within a couple of hours and minimal disruption.
Traditional surveying methods would’ve been much slower so another successful job for the drone.

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