Bethlehem Shores

Premium Retirement village development

Bethlehem Shores is a high class retirement village being development by Sanderson Group at Bethlehem Road in Tauranga.

The development incorporates approximately 141 houses, 60 apartments, a club house and associated facilities on a property comprising 17.0864ha. This is to be private facility owned and operated by Sanderson Group Ltd.

The site is zoned Residential in the Tauranga City Plan with portions of the property identified as “Important Amenity Landscapes Plan Area”, “Special Ecological Areas” and “Kiwi Rail Reverse Sensitivity Plan Area”. The site also contains a “Maori Heritage Site”.

RPC Ltd has been working with the Sanderson Group management team from the instigation of this project. A group of professional consultants including engineers (Fairclough and King), planners (Wasley Knell), and geotechnical engineers (Terrane Consultants), have been working with Sanderson Group on various aspects of the project to ensure all the necessary consents are obtained and the technical side of the construction is completed for the project.
The project is in the early stages of development with commencement of the stage 1 construction.
RPC Ltd has been involved in the preparation of the initial contour plans and boundary location for the initial concept design of the village. Once the concept was finalised we assisted with plans for the resource consent application and then provided detail for the geotechnical engineers and discussed the development with the Archaeological team.
We have obtained the earthworks consent for the Stage 1 development through the regional council and have completed the internal services design including sewer, stormwater, and water supply for council consent.
With construction underway we provided all the setout data for the earthworks and construction of the services. Weekly teleconference calls keep all the consultants in touch together with monthly meetings to discuss the project.

Work is progressing at a rapid pace with the development of the village. It seems like a new house is being started every week.

RPC obtained the final earthworks consent for the complete development of the site. Erosion and sediment control is in place and has been working successfully to ensure no contamination of the adjoining harbour. Final bulk earthworks will be completed this earthworks season to create the ultimate shape of the site. Level monitoring is occurring is some areas to ensure final soil compaction is achieved prior to construction of the dwellings.
Main stormwater, sewer and water lines are being installed as the roading networks is expanded. This included a major stormwater outfall being laid under the main railway line.
The preparation of as built plans for the sewer, stormwater and water, has been a significant process. Obtaining GPS information on pipeline locations and depths and preparing plans for input into the council GIS system is on going. We have to ensure these are completed and into council promptly so that building consents can be uplifted for new dwellings.
The property contained 2 separate parcels of land in 2 separate certificates of title. This means that is some locations new houses may straddle an existing legal boundary. This creates issues in the application for building consent for a building to be located over a boundary. RPC Ltd is just completing the legal survey so that one clear certificate of title can be issued for the entire property thereby avoiding any legal issues at the time of building consent.
This has involved locating old survey marks, defining the existing boundaries, and preparation of the legal plans to enable the new titles to be issued.

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