Large-scale rural subdivision

Hellyer Road Rural Development

RPC Auckland has been involved in projects ranging from 2 lot subdivisions to a 16- lot subdivision all concentrated in an urban setting. It is very seldom that we find ourselves tucked away in a rural setting subdividing life style blocks from several lots making up a total of 399ha.

This large-scale rural subdivision was completed through 2 stages whereby the first consisted of the demarcation of covenant and wetland areas as well as the bulk of the rural subdivision ranging from 19ha – 228ha.

Furthermore, stage 2 consisted of the further subdivision of the 19ha lot into 15 lots ranging from 0.9ha to 3ha.

This project consisted of the following:

  • Road design almost 1km

  • Carry out engineering design including road surface runoff to swales to comply with GD01

  • Earthworks monitoring and as built of road at certain stages using a drone

  • Construction supervision

  • Liaise with First Gas and Refining NZ for oil and gas pipeline running across site and under proposed road

  • Road setout at 20m chainages

  • As built survey of road to vest and other assets (detention pond, swale etc)

  • Uplift of limitations (Parcels

  • Subdivision

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