Redevelopment of an existing Residential Site in Morrinsville.

The team recently undertook a Site Survey of a property in Morrinsville, marking the start of an important process for subdivision.

The purpose of this survey was to gather information that will be relevant to the development of the site.

Our client is planning to construct a second dwelling on the site and subdivide the property.

Many wonder why the surveyor engages in tasks like digging in the berm, measuring a nail or plaque in concrete, or lifting cast iron boxes - these actions are all aimed at locating previously surveyed marks.

These survey marks have existing mathematical connections to the ever important boundary corners.

For this task, various surveying tools such as the Total Station, GPS, and tape measure prove invaluable for gathering relevant data for the site plan.

Once fieldwork is complete, the data is processed to draft the site plan, which serves as a base to build our subdivision off

This information will now be used to design the location of the new dwelling, set alignments for the water services, and produce plans to accompany the resource consent application.

We are are proud to assist our clients in achieving their development goals.

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