Titirangi Boundary Re-instatement & Slipped Bank Topographical Survey

A recent survey required the boundary marks to be replaced following the large landslip of the adjoining Council bank.  This was a result of the extreme amount of rain that fell on the 27 January 2023 and the stormwater infrastructure being unable to cater for the volumes of water that entered the network at the time. Our client was concerned that Council would undertake work repairing the affected sidewalk and other public infrastructure and would require an easement. The boundary was further down the bank than the owner had envisaged, negating the need for an easement.

A follow-up site survey was done to define the extent and grade of the affected bank so that designs could be done on remedial work to stabilize the bank and construct appropriate retaining walls. The photo above reveals the extent of the damage post cleanup. Our client has laid down plastic to prevent further landslips from washing onto the driveway. The water mains pipe is suspended across the excavated area and the light pole held in place by a rope to the nearby tree.

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