Your pets are curious about surveying too!

Pets, with their unyielding curiosity, often become unexpected companions to land surveyors as they diligently work to map out the terrain and property boundaries. Your goats, cats, dogs, cows and chickens have followed our survey teams around your properties in recent months – some venture out to inspect the commotion, few scatter and most follow! Cats, ever the vigilant observers, perch on nearby fences, their eyes following the surveyors' every move with intense interest. Dogs, tails wagging with excitement, eagerly investigate the survey equipment. And goats, cows and chickens, they follow your every step!

 With an estimated 64% of New Zealand households having pet ownership, it is a near daily occurrence that the survey teams meet your pets. Luckily the bigger animals tend to be chained up or enclosed in the backyard, otherwise we all hear a funny story during our Friday afternoon wind-down chips and drink.

We look forward in meeting your pet companions on our next adventure 🐶