Environmental Benefit Lots (EBL)

Environmental benefit lots are a form of subdivision that allows landowners to create new lots in exchange for protecting and enhancing areas of significant natural value.

Today we were undertaking the physical survey of a proposed environmental benefit lot in the Waipa District. The Waikato District Plan provides criteria and standards for environmental benefit lots in rural zones, such as the size, location, and shape of the lots, as well as the type, extent, and quality of the environmental features to be protected. The process of surveying and creating environmental benefit lots involves applying for a resource consent from the Waikato District Council, engaging a qualified surveyor to prepare a scheme plan and a survey plan, and registering the covenant areas with Land Information New Zealand. The surveying and creation of environmental benefit lots can contribute to the preservation and restoration of biodiversity, landscape, and cultural values in the Waikato district. It was fantastic to see the increased wildlife now inhabiting the area and having a positive effect on the natural landscape. Our team has extensive experience in creating and securing environmental benefit lots in the Waipa region. We can help you with the identification, procurement of funding, establishment, and legalisation of these lots, which are valuable for conservation and development purposes.