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With over 50 years of experience in the surveying industry, RPC is New Zealand’s leading land surveying company, with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to deliver value to your project.

UAV Slip Survey

This survey was performed in conjunction with Tonkin and Taylor for the EQC. The task was to survey a recent slip in Maketu. This had resulted in the cliff edge being dangerously close to a dwelling. This job was perfect for the UAV and highlighted its key benefits.

· Flight time of 15 minutes

· Enhanced safe work practices by removing the surveyor from the dangerous site

· Produce a centimetre accurate 3d model of the slip

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Residential & Rural

We specialise in all aspects from locating a boundary peg to fully completing your subdivision or development.
  • Subdivisions
  • Resource Management
  • Boundary Locations
  • Site Surveys

Investors & Land Developers

We are Land Development specialists who can add value to any urban or rural land development
  • Scoping Development potential
  • Subdivisions
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Design

Construction & Setout

We setout Roads, Urban Engineering Services, Industrial Machinery, Large and Small Buildings.
  • Design for urban development
  • Setout to specified accuracy
  • Monitor construction
  • As built constructed works

Corporate & Local Government

We can advise and assist companies and local Government with all their land development requirements.
Reports on Land tenure issues
Resource Management
Crown plans
Easement Plans

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